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Bring the future of software technologies into your life

  • Low-Risk Solution: Based on a completely new philosophy of software engineering and deployment, that takes the IT world by storm in the recent years, the so-called SaaS.
  • Low-Cost Solution: You create an account and start using the service instantly. For just $19.95 / month you will manage unlimited number of resources, clients and appointments. Your first month of usage is free
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  • No support or upgrade costs. All you pay is your monthly fee. You get updates and new features instantly
  • No long-term contracts: If you are not completely happy with Dentrino, you just stop using it
  • 60 days of free usage before paying a single cent. And you pay only if you want to continue your subscription


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Save time. Increase your productivity. Get more clients.
Dentrino System allows you to use your time and resources more productively, increase your profit and have more and happier clients.

With Dentrino System you can:
  • Accept appointments online (show me). Dentrino provides a state-of-the-art powerful online rule-based scheduler that allows you to define rules as complex or as simple as your business requires. Dentrino is like a 24/7 smart receptionist who works for you while you and your staff do your real job.
  • Manage unlimited number of resources - staff, equipment and facilities across multiple locations and time zones, their working time, schedules, appointments and availability in real time.
  • Increase your clients' satisfaction and loyalty. Your clients will not simply save time and money by using the Web to manage their appointments. They will appreciate your modern vision and desire to use new technologies and best practices.
  • Get online. If you still have no website, with Dentrino you can build one in a minute. If you already have a website that serves you well, you can easily integrate it with the professional scheduling capabilities of Dentrino System.
  • Be Informed. In today's dynamic world information is important. Dentrino System gives you real-time and historical in-depth knowledge for your business.

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Dentrino is created with your needs in mind. Based on a highly adaptable and extensible architecture, this unique service allows you to bend and twist software, so it can fit your specific needs.

There is nothing to download, install and configure. Just create an account and start using the system instantly using your web browser.

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 Innovation, Simplicity and Flexibility  Who Can Benefit from Dentrino?
Based on the most innovative vision and technologies available in the industry today, Dentrino raises the bar higher than ever before.

Dentrino provides sleek and elegant user interface that you'll love from the first minute. The system allows you to complete tasks quickly and intuitively.

If there was a single word that would describe Dentrino best, it would be "Flexibility". Every single feature was designed with flexibility in mind. Dentrino adapts itself to the way you work, allowing you to mold the system to meet your needs.

Stay connected with your data wherever you are. No matter if you are at home, in the office or on a vacation. Everything you need is an Internet connected PC or a SmartPhone to access and work with Dentrino System.

Dentrino System will not force your customers to change the way they interact with you. If they want, they can still call you to schedule or cancel appointments, but now they have a simple, powerful and modern alternative they will love to use - the online scheduler.
Dentrino System is the right solution for companies, professionals and individuals from many industries
  • Hair and Cosmetic Studios
  • Beauty and Spa Salons
  • Dentists and Doctors
  • Therapists
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Car Service Companies
  • Lawyers
  • Photographers
  • Independent Contractors and Consultants
  • Equipment and Facility Rental Companies
  • Small Hotels and Restaurants

If managing your schedule is hard, if you and your customers still lose time on the phone talking things like "I'm sorry, Mrs. Jackson, we have nothing on Tuesday, but if it's OK, we can schedule you for 1 PM next Monday...", If your customers keep calling you in the evenings and get frustrated because your schedule book is not in front of you, then Dentrino System is your solution.

Fast, reliable and easy to use, this modern hi-tech system will provide you and your customers with the freedom and power you deserve.
Built on the latest technology break-troughs such as ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX, Dentrino provides you with top-notch quality of service and user experience.
It is a flexible, highly adaptable and powerful online software service available at a cost that no one else could offer.